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There are a few tasks in our busy modern day life that are just hard, and to motivate yourself to accomplish them seems almost like an Everest climb. The sludge, the ladder, red back spiders and other nasties; the list of ‘why not’ is huge. To add to that, cleaning the gutters accounts for the highest hospital admission of any do-it-yourself project in Australia!

Unfortunately, gutter cleaning is ‘one of those jobs’ that needs to be done to ensure smooth operation of your home’s drainage system. They need to be cleared at least once a year at a minimum, but seasonally is better. Doing so helps avoid overflow and build-up, which is a very common problem.

Even if you only have a few trees around your house, it’s guaranteed that their fallen leaves have made a nice, sludgy home inside your guttering. Leaves are a big problem, but they’re not the only culprits – seedlings also sprout and their roots can cause major permanent damage. Then there’s pests building their homes and birds doing their business. The long-term effects of all this can be extremely costly to remedy, but a very unnecessary problem if your gutters are cleaned and overhanging trees are trimmed regularly. The team at Canberra Tree Lopping are experts in all thing tree and our specialist team is always available for a chat about your guttering problems. We can also use our expertise to advise on tree trimming or removal, which will help with the regular maintenance problems as well.

If you decide not to have regular maintenance done to your guttering, you can expect to see a lot of damage occurring over a relative short period of time, for example:

In 6 – 8 months: You’ll start to see overflow in gutter junk. If you’re collecting for a water tank, blockages will most likely be occurring, plus taste in the water changes.

In 8 – 9 months: You’ll likely see a partial or complete blockage of drainage pipes, viewable overflow of sludge and even noticeable seedlings. Also, leaking pipes and flooding in unwanted areas can occur.

In 9 – 12 months: By this point, you may have extremely overflowing gutters, sagging or even breakage in downpipes and guttering. Unwanted leaking is likely (even inside, which can cause mould and mildew on internal walls). Smells and very unpleasant odours will occur, mixed in with unhygienic rodents and Australia’s favourite pest, the mosquito.

In 12+ months: This is when things go very wrong and permanent damage is not only likely, it’s almost guaranteed. Expect completely unusable guttering, complete with blockages, breakage, severe overflow, pests and odours and very unsightly and unusable guttering.

This is just a quick run down of some of the problems that can and will occur, but they aren’t even close to the major problem that can do enough damage to bring your house to the ground… Large amounts of water leaking into the foundations of a house can cause the house to sink! This is an extremely unsafe environment, not to mention tremendously expensive to fix – don’t let it get to this stage.

To avoid any of these stages, we at Canberra Tree Lopping can remedy your guttering problems for a great price and in a timely manner. Not only can we fix any guttering issues, but we can also attack the causes head-on by removing or trimming the culprits that cause blockages in the first place. Give us a call on 02 6188 6019 for a chat and a free quote.

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