Hedge and Shrub Pruning Canberra

Well maintained hedges or shrubs can add a lot of class to your home or business. They can create a sense of privacy, protect your property from wind, give lovely shade where needed and can increase your property’s value. Hedges are usually evergreen, so they look great all year round, but it can be very tricky to keep them looking prim and proper. Thankfully, the team of professional arborists at Canberra Tree Lopping have the know-how and experience to ensure your property boasts gorgeous hedges and manicured shrubs. We specialise in tall hedges up to 8 foot tall, and we have the equipment to get any job done quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your day.

To properly trim a hedge or shrub, you can’t just hack away at its outer branches, as doing so will cause it to develop patchy spots, can give it an unbalanced look and can cause disease to develop due to lack of air and light to its inner branches. Instead, you need to identify and prune the inner branches and nodes that will cause the plant to grow in a way that fills in any patchy spots, causes healthy, vigorous growth and that allows plenty of light and air into all areas of the hedge. This requires knowledge and experience about the way trees grow and develop. Thankfully, the team at Canberra Tree Lopping have plenty of both.

Another important factor in hedge or shrub trimming is the tools you use. The right tools are essential for hedge trimming and not only do they create a better looking and healthier hedge, but they also create a safe work environment for our staff. We have all the necessary tools and keep them in great condition. We are also licensed and insured so that all of our jobs are covered and we abide by all safety regulations and precautions during every step. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of you, your family and your property, so we are meticulous in the way we do things and we always clean up thoroughly at the end of each job, leaving your property looking better than before. If you’d like a free quote on hedge trimming, shrub trimming or maintenance of both, give us a call on 02 6188 6019.

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