Banks Tree Lopping & Tree Removal Services

If you’re in Banks, Canberra Tree Lopping is the place to call for all your tree problems, no matter how big or small. Our highly skilled arborists will come to you and formulate a personalised assessment and quote that will leave you with a smile. We offer a wide range of tree lopping services, such as:

General Tree Removals
We can quickly and professionally remove whole or partial trees from your property. We ensure the stump and roots are also removed, leaving the space looking like it never had a tree there, to begin with.

Tree Lopping

We can make an unruly tree look great, remove dangerous or nuisance branches, thin branches to allow light through or give you your view back.

Storm Damage Cleanup
Volatile weather conditions can cause even the healthiest of trees to fall, or at the very least, drop multiple branches. We can clean up the mess your trees have left after a storm, removing debris and damaged trees caused by severe weather.

Emergency Work
If you have a tree-related emergency — such as a downed power line or a blocked road — give us a call. We will send out our team of professional arborists, who will solve your problem as quickly as possible and offer support so you can get on with your day.

Tree and Garden Advice
At Canberra Tree Loppers, we know everything there is to know about trees. We can offer advice and ongoing support to keep your trees healthy and thriving. We love seeing our clients take pride in their beautiful trees and look forward to helping you with this.

Canberra Tree Loppers can help you with any tree related services required within Banks. Contact us on 02 6188 6019 for a free quote.

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