Bonython Tree Lopping & Tree Removal Services

When was the last time that you looked at the condition of the trees in your backyard? If it’s been some time, then you may need to call in the experts to help you catch up, trim and prune or even get rid of the dead wood – figuratively and literally. 

Tree Lopping

Left to its own devices, a tree can sometimes take on a mind of its own. It may try to compete with other trees in its vicinity for space, moisture and daylight and its branches will often grow out of control without adequate care. You may have several mature trees in your back garden in Bonython, and if it’s been some time since you paid attention to their condition, they may be in dire need of tree lopping. 

Lopping can not only help to make the tree more aesthetically pleasing, but it can help prepare for the arrival of storm season. Unwieldy branches will be removed so they don’t disturb the others and lateral branches will be eliminated if they are not felt to be essential for the growth trajectory of the tree.

Tree Removal

Sometimes, a tree can become far too weak or may have become infested and, in this case, you may need to consider tree removal. If a dead or dying tree is left in place it could become a serious hazard as it may eventually topple over. This could cause damage to property or injury to anyone who happened to be in the vicinity. 

It’s particularly important for homeowners in Bonython to remove any dead trees before the storm season arrives and don’t forget, this tree could become a haven for pests, as they set up a forward command post to assault your home.

Stump Grinding

When a tree has been removed, you need to pay careful attention to its stump. After all, if you want to landscape the area you won’t want to deal with this remnant of a golden age. The removal process will normally begin with stump grinding, to get rid of the old wood and make sure that white ants or termites look somewhere else before they set up shop.

You may think that you can get rid of these remnants using a sharp axe, but the best approach is to grind the stump all the way down to the root level. This will help ensure that the tree does not regrow and will allow your landscape artist to move in with confidence. 

Make no mistake, stump grinding is a specialised activity and experts will be glad to come out to Bonython to help get rid of the remnants for you.

Tree Stump Removal

If you want to get rid of the tree stump completely to plant another in its place, additional work is needed. If the tree is particularly large, then you may require a mechanical mini-excavator to pull out most of its root system. Alternatively, the stump may be removed with a winch device, although it’s important to use the right technique to get this done properly. Our technician will be delighted to come out to Bonython to remove all traces of the tree stump, so you can begin the process of plantation once again.

At Your Service

Canberra Tree Lopping can take care of any issues you may have with dead or dying trees, or those that are simply getting a little out of control for your space. Our experts can carry out tree lopping, stump grinding or removal services in Bonython, and you can contact us on 02 6188 6019 for more details or a free quote.

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