Tree Removal Canberra

Tree removal or felling involves the removal of a whole tree and its stump. Some reasons for whole tree removal include:

  • A tree may be very old and may be showing signs it’s at the end of its natural lifecycle
  • A tree may be structurally unsound and at risk of falling or dropping branches
  • A tree may have been damaged by a storm, vehicle or similar
  • A tree may be showing signs of disease or infestation by a pest
  • A tree may be causing damage to a building
  • The roots of a tree may be causing damage to structures or underground piping
  • A tree needs to be removed to clear space for building etc.
  • The huge nutrient uptake of a tree may be causing damage to other surrounding plants

The removal of a tree is definitely a job for professionals, as it can be a very hazardous task. The team at Canberra Tree Lopping have the expertise, equipment and dedication needed to complete this huge task efficiently, quickly and professionally.

We can handle almost any situation, from residential tree removals to commercial tree felling and can safely rig and remove trees in rural or urban locations. We are also dedicated to minimising disruption to your day and we will leave your garden in a better condition than we found it in. If you require a tree removal, give the friendly team at Canberra Tree Lopping a call for a consultation or quote.

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