Vine Removal and Pruning Canberra

If you are looking for a professional team who can do vine removal in Canberra, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have a vine that’s overrun your garden, an invasive species or you just want your vine pruned to perfection, the team at Canberra Tree Lopping can do it for you.

There are a number of vine types, ranging from hook climbers to root climbers, leaf climbers, tendril bearers and even twining plants. The trick to removing them is knowing which species you’re dealing with, as many species require a specific removal method to prevent regrowth. For example, did you know that some species – such as the highly invasive Madeira Vine – can actually continue to live for up to two years after you’ve cut their stems? Even worse is the fact that most vines have a system of re-sprouting that makes their removal almost impossible unless you know what you’re doing.

Once a vine has taken root, they can quickly grow to become the dominant species in your garden, choking out other plants and stealing precious nutrients from them. There are a number of methods we can offer to you to keep them under control, such as:

Vine Removal

We can completely remove your nuisance vines, including roots, bulbs and aerial sections. When we do this, we take great care to minimise the chance of the vines re-establishing themselves, meaning you won’t be constantly battling new vine shoots.

Vine Pruning

If you want to keep your vines for aesthetic or privacy purposes but you need to keep them under control, we can help you do that. We will prune your vines to remove unwanted sections, encourage positive growth patterns and discourage invasiveness. We can also give you expert advice on how to maintain your newly trimmed vines or set up a regular maintenance appointment, if you prefer.

Vine Pruning for Improving Fruit Development

If you have a Grape Vine, Passionflower (Passion Fruit) or similar and you don’t seem to be getting as much fruit as you expected, then it might be time to give your vine a health checkup. Fruit vines can produce less fruit or smaller fruits if they are suffering from nutrition problems, disease, pest infestation or over crowdedness. With correct pruning techniques, maintenance and treatment, these problems can be addressed and your vines can produce a better, healthier yield of fruit.

Vine Training

A decorative vine can add character and beauty to your home, but sometimes vines just don’t do what we want them to do. By training a vine, you can choose the direction that you want your vine to grow in, such as along a trellis, over an archway or up a wall. At Canberra Tree Lopping, we can prune your vine and reposition its limbs so that its future growth perfectly fits the style of your garden.

If you have a problem vine or want a vine makeover, give the team at Canberra Tree Lopping a call today on 02 6188 6019. We’ll give you a free quote, as well as advice from an experienced and certified arborist.

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